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01 March 2013

Tips for Teaching Kids About Nutrition


Learning how to choose, cook, and enjoy the right foods is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sticking with regular exercise also plays an essential role in being both happy and healthy. The team here at HMC Weight Loss Centers can help you learn how to achieve your weight loss goals in a healthy and long-lasting way. We would also like to help you educate your children about proper nutrition, which is why we have provided the following tips:

  • Get the whole family involved in cooking responsibilities – One of the easiest ways to teach children about the importance of choosing healthy food is to include them in the cooking process. Making meals together is a fun activity that also teaches children how to choose ingredients as well as how to prepare and serve them. Cooking together can also provide opportunities to try new foods and different cuisine styles.
  • Research healthy alternatives to “junk-food” favorites – Your children probably have a few favorite foods that are not as nutritional as you would like. These foods may not work well with a healthy lifestyle, but your kids don’t have to completely cut them out. You and your children can work together to find healthier ingredients and make nutritious alternatives of their favorite foods. For example, instead of sugary popsicles, you can freeze orange juice with bits of cut up fruit for a sweet and delicious summer snack.
  • Look at all elements covered on the nutrition label – Teach your children how to read the nutrition label located on the backs of foods and beverages. As a team, work together to find out what each category on the label represents. You can also figure out how much of each category should be consumed each day and use this information to plan healthy meals for the whole family!


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