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16 April 2013

3 Things You Should Avoid if You’re Trying to Lose Weight


Losing weight involves more than watching the numbers on your scale drop. Weight loss is a lifestyle change that involves making healthier choices for you and your body. Healthy weight loss involves avoiding bad habits as much as it means eating a balanced diet.

Ignoring the Exercise Factor

Dieting isn’t the only aspect of weight loss. In order to build a slimmer and healthier body, you need to incorporate fitness into your weight loss program. Studies have shown that dieting alone doesn’t achieve the long-lasting and satisfying results that stem from a combination of diet and exercise.

Late-Night Snacking

Especially when you feel you’ve behaved yourself all day, kicking back and relaxing with a bowl of chips at the end of the day can feel good. Late-night snacking, however, can sabotage your diet if you’re eating too much or eating the wrong foods. Try spacing out snacks so you’re less hungry at the end of the day, and choose healthy snacks over chips or other junk foods.

Skipping Meals

Eating well-balanced and regular meals helps you to stay full and energetic throughout the day. It keeps your metabolism functioning all day long so your body uses the energy you give it efficiently. Breakfast is especially important and should never be skipped—even a small breakfast of instant oatmeal or a muffin can enhance the effects of your weight loss program.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol contains as many calories per gram as fat, but absolutely no nutritional value. Limit yourself to one or two drinks per day. Drink plenty of water and never go to a bar or party on an empty stomach. This will help you remain full and keep you from drinking more because you feel hungry.

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