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28 May 2013

Fit Tip: Choosing the Best Exercise Routine for You


When it comes to establishing an exercise routine, everyone has strengths and weaknesses that must be addressed. But while it can be difficult to find the right exercise routine, it is time well spent. After all, once you find the right exercise routine you will actually enjoy working out, which means that you will be more likely to stick to your exercise program and achieve healthy weight.

Just Getting Started?

If you’re out of shape and just starting out, start slowly and gradually work your way up to more rigorous workouts. You may begin by finding ways to be more active throughout your day and then increase your activity in steady increments to see continued improvement.

Social Butterflies

For those of you who enjoy being social, a workout routine that also incorporates socialization might be the trick to getting excited about exercising. There are many social exercise options to choose from. You can join a sports team, for example, or take up dancing lessons. As long as you are exercising, socializing, and staying motivated, it doesn’t matter what activity you undertake.

Get Creative

If you find you’re always in a time crunch, squeeze in exercises at your desk throughout the day or do a fast paced circuit workout at the gym. Have a tight budget? Then do exercises that rely on your own body weight (no weights or gym membership required) or get a few key pieces of workout gear like a set a of hand weights, a resistance band, and a stability ball to workout at home. And be sure to mix up your workouts so you don’t get bored doing the same old routine.

Challenging Yourself

As you increase your fitness, don’t be afraid to set new goals for yourself. If you run or cycle, sign up for a race. If you want to get stronger, try bodybuilding. If you struggle to challenge yourself, look into a personal trainer or a training group.

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