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Increase intensity to burn more calories.
17 June 2013

Fit Tip: Burn More Calories Without Adding Time

Increase intensity to burn more calories.

Let’s say you start today’s cardio workout wanting to burn extra calories but you don’t have extra time. Here are a couple ways to get more from the time you do have:

  1. SPEED UP IN INTERVALS. Instead of keeping a steady pace, alternate your standard speed with brief spurts of higher-speed activity. For example, you might walk at three miles-per-hour (mph) for three minutes, and then jog at four mph for one minute, and continue to alternate between the two intensities for the duration of your workout.
  2. USE EXERCISE MACHINES TO HELP INCREASE YOUR INTENSITY. Use treadmills, stationary bikes, step machines, elliptical machines and other equipment because they enable you to increase resistance level can guide you in working harder. On a treadmill, for instance, you can make a workout more challenging by increasing the incline or the speed (or both).

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