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31 July 2013

Dressed for Excess


Salad dressings can turn a nutritious, low-calorie salad into a nutritious, calorie-laden meal. If you’re eating more salads in order to increase your veggie consumption or lose weight, keep these tips in mind:

  • THE “REGULAR” STUFF is usually loaded with calories and fat. A two-tablespoon serving has between 12 and 20 grams of fat — considerably more than a McDonald’s small fries (10 grams). You wouldn’t think of dumping an order of fries in your salad, would you?
  • SMALL, INDIVIDUAL-SIZE PACKETS, which you’ll often find in cafeterias or salad bars, typically contain four tablespoons of dressing. If the dressing is a regular variety, that packet could contain 400 to 800 calories!
  • REDUCED-CALORIE or REDUCED-FAT dressings may have more calories and fat than you realize. Don’t confuse them with “fat-free” varieties. Read the labels.
  • LOOK FOR FLAVOR-INTENSIVE SUBSTITUTES. Use salsa as a salad dressing. Use spicy mustards when making your own low-cal dressings. Mix fresh herbs into the salad itself.

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