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06 January 2014

Abs Reality Check


No doubt about it: The desire for a flatter abdomen is as American as (calorie-laden) apple pie. If you’ve resolved to have better abs this year, please remember these basic truths:

1. Spot-reducing is a myth. You can’t lose flab primarily from your abs just because you’re doing extra crunches. You lose fat pretty evenly throughout your body, over the course of time.

2. Fat trumps tone. Even if you work hard to tone your ab muscles, you won’t be able to see them if they’re covered by a layer of fat.

3. A well-rounded approach works. Your chances for success are best if you attack the problem from several angles: (1) eat fewer calories, (2) burn more calories by doing cardio workouts, (3) increase your metabolism through strength training (the more muscle mass you have overall, the more calories you’ll burn), and (4) do crunches or other ab exercises as part of your strength-training routine.

4. Appreciate your personal best. Too many of us hope for the perfect abs of a magazine cover model. By taking a well-rounded approach, you can get abs that will make a big difference in your appearance – and your self-confidence.

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