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15 January 2014

To Burn More Calories, Strength-Train


Eager to burn more calories? Like many people, you might assume the answer is to go faster, longer and harder with your aerobic workouts. Yet as valuable as aerobic exercise is (to your cardiovascular health as well as to your weight-loss efforts), it accounts for only a fraction of the calories you expend.

The major factor in calorie burning is your lean muscle mass: the more you have, the more calories your body uses around-the-clock. And the best way to increase your muscle mass is to strength-train. Even a modest weight-training workout three days a week will have you burning calories at a faster rate.

Don’t give up on the treadmill, bike, exercise class or other cardio workouts; they are extremely important. Just realize that when it comes to burning calories, they’re only part of the picture. You need to strength-train as well.

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