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Thank you for visiting our website. We would like this opportunity to introduce you to our weight-loss clinic. Our clinic offers friendly and courteous service at affordable rates. We have practiced weight-loss for over 40 years. We have been in the same location for over 18 years. We provide you with the guidance you need to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. On your first visit you will meet you doctor and they will evaluate your medical needs. We have two medical physicians and one naturopathic physician that will help you outline the medical program that will ensure your best results. We use only the best products and medicines. Our proprietary products, Thermagen and Herbatrix, are uniquely formulated by our physicians to enhance weight loss. We also carry additional dietary supplements that will help you achieve your weight loss goal.


The definition system is a proven method for weight loss. We integrate your mind, body and spirit into a conscious Entity, the effect being a new-thinner you. Your self-image will be changed from fat to thin. Why is weight-loss so difficult? It is because of the “Snap-back Effect”.


The person who has a ‘fat’ self-image–whose self-image claims to have a ‘sweet tooth’, is unable to resist ‘junk food’, and who cannot find the time to exercise, etc., will be unable to lose weight and keep it off no matter what s/he tries to do consciously in opposition to that self-image. You cannot long outperform or escape your self-image. If you do escape briefly, you will be ‘snapped back’, like a rubber band, extended between two fingers, coming loose from one.” The New Psycho Cybernetics, by Maxwell Malt, Page 3. One of the reasons it seems so difficult for a person to change habits, personality, or the way of life, is because nearly all efforts to change, hereto for tried, have been directed to the circumference of the “out self”, so to speak, rather than to the center or core [your Mind and Spirite or Essence part of you]. Page 5.

To change your self-image form fat to thin, you need to learn how to do a few simple mental and physical tasks that we call, “thin acts.” As time goes by, we give you more and more information about health and weight loss with more thin-acts to practice; you will learn how, when and why to eat. There are just two concepts to grasp: 1. Learn about thin acts, (the mental and physical acts you need to do while eating and shopping for food), and 2. Do them at all times. In addition, we give you certain food combinations you should eat and some broad time-frames about how long to fast (not eat) between meals. We do not restrict how much food you eat or how long a meal should last. If desired, you could eat continually for hours and still lose weight. The only thing required of you, if you ddid do this, is that you adhere to the instructions we give you when you are eating and shopping for food. Also, we teach you how to be observant of your own actions while you are eating and why it is important to observe the manner in which other people eat: did they do thin acts or fast acts while they were eating? Overal, The Definition System gives you power over food so that in effect you can choose your own destiny: to be thin or fat. Most weight-loss programs have you worked primarily using willpower, physical exercise and usually have you follow a restrictive-unnatural diet. We on the other hand not only have you work on your physical self, we have you integrate your mind, body and spirit into Unity or Oneness. We teach you how to develop a “thin mind” and how to enhance your Spirit or Essence. To my knowledge, no other weight programs have such a weight-loss program. In addition to the integration of mind, body and spirit, we use metabolic nutraceuticals We have five of our own exclusive proprietary formulas. No other clinics have these specific formations unless they copied our formations and subsequently had them manufactured. we also use prescription medications and injections to help keep you alert while you are eating and shipping for food. Medications and nutraceuticals will help to change your metabolism and your life direction from that of being fat to that of being thin, resulting in a changed self-image and a new thin You. hmc-snap-back-graphic


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