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16 October 2013

Two Ways to Strengthen Your Weaker Side


If you’re like many people, one of your arms (or legs) is stronger than the other. To reduce the discrepancy, use dumbbells and choose exercises that allow you to work one limb at a time. This way, you can work your weaker side just a little harder than your predominant side. Here’s how:

1. Do a few extra repetitions with the weaker side. With bicep curls, for example, you would use the same dumbbell for each arm, but you would do 4 or 5 more repetitions with the weaker arm.

2. Use a slightly heavier dumbbell with the weaker side. For example, you would do the same number of lunges with each leg – but you’d hold different-weight dumbbells. Important: the second weight should be no more than 10 percent heavier.

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