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13 November 2013

Benefits of Massage


Massage can reduce muscle soreness and, if used appropriately, it can even help muscle injuries heal. But you have to know when and how to enlist the help of a massage therapist.

– FOR DELAYED MUSCLE SORENESS. If you’ve had an exceptionally heavy workout or participated in a strenuous sporting event, getting a professional massage can help lessen the muscle soreness that often appears hours or days after you’ve exerted yourself. Professional athletes routinely get massages for this purpose.

– FOR INJURIES. Massage increases blood flow; in injured muscles, more blood flow promotes healing. However, if you wish to try massage for an injury, be sure to get clearance from your physician or physical therapist first. (Get a recommendation for a massage therapist as well.) A massage that is inappropriate or improperly administered could cause further and long-lasting damage to the injured area.

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